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I'm a recent 5 year college grad with a BFA in Fine Arts, mostly I studied in printmaking, illustration and creature concept designs both for my classes, and in my personal time. I'm not gonna talk a lot about animals, because I could spend forever doing so! Obviously art is my main passion, and I do combine the two a lot (thus I'm really an animal artist!) I also love to grow and challenge myself in art, and just constantly improve and learn new things. I do a huge variety of art, but always at heart consider myself a traditional artist, as most things I learn traditionally and then later apply to other media, such as digital. Most of my inspiration comes from nature, classical mythology, or naturalist scientist studies.

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Please check my website! All prices are in USD unless otherwise stated. If you are looking for my dA points commission price list please look at my commission widget below for availability and prices.


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I'm thinking of having a contest if I get enough since I wont need them for an upgrade for a few years.

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FP Chibi Mischief 150 by EvlonArts
FP Chibi Anigone 150 by EvlonArts
Chibi Nicoli 300 by EvlonArts
FP Chibi Sir 150 by EvlonArts
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FP Chibi Rem 150 by EvlonArts
Chibi style art of your character, pet or any animal you like!  They may be real, fantasy, prehistoric, or original creations.  The only limitation is that I do not do humans.

If you would like to pay in USD via paypal please note me!

My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 5:30 PM

Paint Tool Sai User by iPPG
Photoshop User Stamp by iPPG
Paypal Stamp by artist4com
I love MY TABLET - stamp by arisou
Stamp - I Love My Nikon by darkaion
Windows 7 by Tantawi
.:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo
X. I am Colorblind by X-Firefly
Art at 3 AM by blackdahlia

Or I've been on DA forever
Originally my account was Evlon but I left dA for about a year due to internet connectivity issues, and later forgot my login info, hence why I'm now EvlonArts (though formally it was under the terrible name evlon-shape-shifter !)  Meaning I actually joined dA back in 2003~  During this time I've grown a fucking lot as an artist.  I don't even have any of my 2003 works on digital copy, so you'll have to make due with some 2006 things (because I -really- don't want to see if I have them still and scan them and shit)   Also instead of digging through storage for things (since I can't really, this account doesn't go back that far!) How about I just slap the improvement meme I already had up!  I feel like this still says a lot of where I'm from as an artist and where I'm at now!
Improvement Meme 2006-2012 by EvlonArts

But wait! It's not 2012 anymore now is it?  Better have some new stuff am I right?

was pretty hectic for me.  I lost my grandfather and graduated college all at the same time.  I don't think I knew if I should stop or work harder so I kinda did both.  I pushed myself to improve even after I graduated, but then I'd stop for long periods of time, because I just couldn't feel like drawing anything.  In truth I lost over half the people I used to do art for (my maternal grandparents)  They always had pushed me to improve my work, and encouraged it however they could (even if that DID mean watching Fantasia every Friday night for a year) 

Winter Deer by EvlonArtsLast Cyclara Onchiopsis by EvlonArts

But I also got a lot more into photography as an art form.  It was so different than my usual that in my mind it's not really connected to everything else that I do as art.  Though I can't help realizing how much my grandpa would have loved all the car photography as much as I do!

In the Darkness by EvlonArts1955 Ford Crown Victoria by EvlonArts

Still feels like it's just begun to me!  I always feel like August is the halfway mark, even though it's actually 2 months past the real half mark XD
I switched my focus to try and really improve just my general anatomy and structure when drawing.  I pushed it hard for months to just try and make it "perfect".  This meant a lot of studying, researching and then correcting, correcting and CORRECTING sketches before lining and colouring them.

Briards by EvlonArts[C] Alaskan Husky by EvlonArtsPitbull Terrier by EvlonArts
Most of this came out as breed sets (or loads of never finished sketches!)  Mostly because dogs are one of my strong points, so it was easier to focus realism without learning a whole new thing.  I've always found that when I improve in one area, I have a lot of just over all improvement in my work, this was what my aim was.

Also during all this I worked on making my portfolio website smoother and more professional looking.  Either by updating the gallery scripts or just tweaking flow.  I wanted to stay busy and improving even after a year out of college. My biggest fear is becoming a "stagnate" artist, that is to stop bettering my work.  I love being able to look back even a few months and go "wow that looks like shit compared to this thing I just did"

Speaking of!  Those are all a few months old, meaning yep I'm better now.  I haven't been posting a lot here since I wanted to make a really nice display for the "updated" versions of some of these, but I haven't decided how I want to do that exactly.  I decided to calm down on the realism push and swing back into a more comfortable toony look.  I still made tons of improvement, and it shows even with a more relaxed look, just in the weight and structure of the pieces.  

Cream w Black Sable by EvlonArtsBrindle Red Piebald w Black Sable by EvlonArtsAnatolian Shepherd by EvlonArts

There you go, some stuff on my dA story
Also I find that I post to tumblr way more than dA anymore, since it's just easier for wips/sketches/ect, but I do still plan to continue posting finished works here!  (Even if I am a bit slow to post as evidenced by the last 3 pieces haha) 


:iconahkahna: :iconevoneli88: :icondrquestiionable: :icontah-hunter11: :icondarklunac: :iconspirogs: :iconjaded-night: :iconvangorm: :iconvoidrae: :icontheflamingzebra: :iconamusedinsanity: :iconkontemplating-kyros: :iconlycanthrin: :icondawnwally: :iconwhite-wings-101: :iconthatzthatz: :iconrikkanna: :iconditchmaster: :iconspectrumelf: :iconjerepasaurus: :iconalliieennsss: :iconaraylen: :iconnishabird: :iconwildoracle: :iconmbrainspaz:



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